Save $25 off the iconic Lego Galaxy Explorer with Walmart’s Black Friday Early Deal.

Explore the galaxy in retro style with this Lego Galaxy Explorer offering at Walmart.

LEGO is a household name for a reason, and whether you have a million sets carefully displayed around your house or you’re new to the brick-building hobby, Black Friday is a great time to find the best deals. Space LEGO sets.

Among Walmart’s first Black Friday offerings is one that long-time LEGO fans, as well as those who loved the first LEGO movie, are sure to love. LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer reduced to $75. (will open in a new tab) That’s $25 less than the manufacturer’s suggested retail price. Check out our Lego Galaxy Explorer review to see what we think of it (spoiler alert, we loved it).

As part of the deal (will open in a new tab)There are 1,254 parts to build, including a crew of space minifigures and a companion mech, plus a small rover with rolling wheels.

The main attraction, of course, is the ship itself, which is 21.26 inches long and 11.10 inches wide. Based on a 1979 set, LEGO Icons Galaxy Explorer will have you screaming “spaceship!” as the Charlie Day character in the first film.

There are retractable landing legs, as well as a retractable ramp where the rover can find its own compartment, and the ship itself opens up to reveal living quarters (complete with adorable beds) and a full cockpit for all four crew members. .

If you’re wondering how difficult the set is to put together, many reviewers have awarded the set 5 stars in Walmart’s own buyer ratings. (will open in a new tab). They noted that the instructions are relatively simple but require more complex assembly methods, so you will need to supervise your children during assembly.

Many reviews also note the set’s fidelity to the original 1979 Galaxy Explorer set, which will appeal to collectors or fans of the original.

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