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The small but tireless bees are back and need the player’s help. BeeFense BeeMastered is on its way for PC and console at the hands of ByteRocker’s Games.

Come and discover BeeFense BeeMastered a little better.


BeeFense is a very relaxed strategy (Tower Defense) and action game, released in 2016 for mobile devices, which puts the player in the shoes of the savior of the hive.

The idea was to mobilize the bees to protect the hive from the threats to come… with all the madness that this idea entails.

Now, after a few years, behold, the game returns with BeeFense BeeMastered and this time with the honors of showing up for service on next-gen consoles.

BeeFense's motto was "Save the Bees" and in this remastered edition that doesn't change at all. The player will have to build the best defended hive of all time, which will have to withstand multiple invasion attempts by other enemy insects.

There are 26 different levels where the player will have to deploy all his defensive knowledge to protect the poor honey producers.

For this BeeFense BeeMastered edition, which will be released on PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and Nintendo Switch, the graphics have been redesigned, which means an almost total visual revolution with full HD support. . New animations and a more dynamic lighting system have also been added.

In addition, the main story content of the game has been increased and extended with the inclusion of 6 new levels, which feature a new enemy (General Hornus) as well as several new weapons.

The idea is quite fun and since this is a port of mobile devices for consoles and PCs, we have some expectations as to how the migration will be done.

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BeeFense - BeeMastered arrives June 24 for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, and Nintendo Switch.

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