Saw from Germany. As the Market Crashed, Football NFTs Looked Like Panini Cards

“My relationship with the fans is very important to me. That’s why I wanted to be part of this platform [de cryptomonnaie] and thus offer them new experiences and access.” It is with this almost philanthropic explanation that Cristiano Ronaldo announces his partnership with Binance, a platform for buying and reselling currencies on the blockchain, according to Die Zeit.

But what exactly will these fans get?

The German weekly examines the dizzying numbers of the latest transfer window of great success: the marriage of football and the NFT market, these non-replaceable lines of code, unlike cryptocurrencies, which many fans mistake for ownership of a virtual image representing a football event or person.

Profit exceeds all expectations

Die Zeit speaks of transactions worth “tens of millions” of euros per season as football clubs turned to NFT platforms to sell virtual merchandising merchandise “during the last European Championship” in 2021. It reads: “Chelsea FC and Atlético Madrid are sponsored by WhaleFin, Manchester United and rival Tezos.”

The platform Socios, whose slogan is “Be more than a fan”, has made it a specialty and works with PSG, Barcelona or Juventus from Turin. Sponsorship platform

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