Scary or Fascinating? Glow-in-the-dark scorpion confuses internet users

Scorpions with evil eyes and poisonous claws may not be the most beloved animals on the Internet. But a recent video of a glowing scorpion made an impression on her. This not only puzzled internet users, but also puzzled, as some find the video intimidating and others entertaining.

The clip, provided by the Insta pen from The Reptile Zoo, shows arachnids in black light. What was more fascinating was that the scorpion glowed in the dark. When many babies were pressed against his body, he took on a neon hue and emitted a fluorescent glow when placed in dark light. Its claws and claws shone brightly, except for its body, which looked rather blue. The countless number of babies on their backs could be the reason for this. Young people don’t shine until they develop exoskeletons.

Since being shared, the video has gone viral, garnering over 17,000 likes and continuing to grow. Based on countless reviews, some users find it intimidating while others find it delightful.

The first comment to the publication was: “I was not ready for this in my feed. I need a warning, “and the next one expressed the opposite opinion on this and wrote:” I cannot fully explain this, but I think it is amazing. “And the third summed up:” It scares me, but at the same time fascinates … “

According to the Kids Discover website, all scorpions fluoresce in ultraviolet light, such as electric black light or natural moonlight. The blue-green glow is associated with a substance in the hard coating of their exoskeleton called the cuticle. Scientists believe that after scorpions shed their shells, they don’t glow until their cuticles harden. Although the property of arachnids’ glow persists for millions of years, scientists doubt what function it serves.

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