Science fiction on YouTube: 5 channels to follow to change your ideas and cultivate your imagination

Fan of imaginary literature, you can not find something to quench your passion on YouTube? No wonder, there are still few French channels specifically devoted to science fiction or fantasy on the video streaming platform.

Fortunately, by looking well, it is still possible to find some nuggets. Here are the channels that we advise you to follow if you are a fan of the genre.

One of the references: Nexus VI

From the top of its 187,000 subscribers, Nexus VI is surely the most well-known imaginary channel on French YouTube. Since 2014, the crew members of the eponymous vessel have regularly embarked on trips to the confines of SF and its borders.

Its captain, Renaud Jesionek is himself passionate about science fiction, and it doesn’t take long to realize it. The videos made with his friends from the Fensch Toast production box and the support of the CNC are worth the detour.

Beyond the quality of the staging and the special effects, it’s our diversity that appeals to us. Literature of course, but also cinema and video games, all sides (or almost) of science fiction are explored by the Nexus VI. The team even embarked on the production of their own homemade fictions. It’s funny, quirky and a good moment of relaxation.

In short, Nexus VI is a safe bet. To see the reviews of the most emblematic works of SF and travel in the imaginary with the “Cap’tain” and his comrades, it is here

Pop culture in all sauces: Bits

Okay, Bits is not, strictly speaking, a show dedicated to sci-fi, but that doesn’t prevent us from traveling in imagination with flying colors. Facing the camera, the journalist Rafik Djoumi strives to dissect the great concepts of popular culture and necessarily, he often talks about science fiction.

Time travel, ufology, space opera at the cinema and many other imaginary territories … the videographers of Arte Creative decipher and popularize the codes of these very particular universes. It is dynamic, well documented and technically flawless.

The analyzes are comprehensive and often take on sociological and philosophical aspects. Because yes, Bits is also a thought-provoking show. She questions the role of pop culture, its ramifications and its multiple influences.

Unfortunately, Bits has been over for some time now. The complete videos of the “almost cult magazine” of Arte are however still all available on its YouTube channel.

Science feat. cinema: Science in fiction

Science in fiction is one of the chains that we followed diligently before it shut down a little over a year ago. As its name indicates very well, its creator gave himself the mission to popularize scientific knowledge through the seventh art.

And since SF is a breeding ground for science and scientific fact-checking, he never missed an opportunity to analyze his favorite works. Dune, Interstellar, Oblivion, The Planets of the Apes, Star Wars, Avatar and many other references of the genre have gone to the mill with his specialized knowledge and it is always very instructive.

If you have some time, you can start watching the Science in Fiction videos. I promise it won’t be a waste of time.

A pure literary: Moun

A less known chain of the French “Booktube” this time, the community of tricolor literary videographer. Independently (no pub, nor books supplied by the press services of publishing houses), Moun made high quality literary critics. Once again, the use of the past is de rigueur since it’s been over a year since he published anything on his channel.

However, this did not prevent him from being interested in several classics of the imaginary. Horde Contrevent, the list of SF works that “changed it”, Axiomatic, Hyperion or The Outdoor Zone… his analyzes are fine and his criticisms are still relevant. There are already two good reasons to go and consult his work. No doubt you will find others in front of his videos.

Future and prospecting: Le Comptoir du futur

A program that we loved to watch when the channel was still active. Two journalist friends, Émilien and Ludo, talked about their two favorite subjects: science and science fiction, taking an interest in what they can teach us about society, but especially its future.

With subjects like “staying human after the Apocalypse”, “unemployment, the future is working on it”, “health of the future: if death were really condemned” or “science fiction in the face of terrorism”, the videographers fully assumed the forward-looking side of their content.

This is what makes the videos so interesting. Emilien and Ludo have something to say, ask interesting questions and use imaginations to make hypotheses about the future. It’s always interesting and rich in information and you can immerse yourself in the Comptoir du futur archives without hesitation.


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