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“Does not regularly publish erroneous content”, “regularly corrects or clarifies errors”, or “avoids misleading headlines”… These are some of the nine criteria NewsGuard uses to evaluate news sites. Based in New York, this ranking tool was launched in 2018 as a tool to combat fake news. Co-created with a former Wall Street Journal editor and led by a team of journalists, NewsGuard has to date rated over 8,000 digital news titles that have been viewed, published and commented on in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Austria, Italy and France.

100 out of 100 for Science et Avenir

And each year, for each of these territories, NewsGuard publishes a list of the 10 100/100 sites that generated the most online traffic in the past year. A list that Sciences et Avenir is happy to include, and which is fully available online. NewsGuard states that it evaluated for France “all news and information sites whose content accounts for 95% of online interaction. Seven percent of them received a top score of 100 out of 100, which means they meet NewsGuard’s nine credibility and transparency criteria.”

Monthly, Basics and Quarterly

The presence of Science et Avenir in the NewsGuard ranking is a joyful event in the work of our journalists, and we wanted to share this joyful news with those who read us. This also gives us the opportunity to remind you that our media is a single editorial team made up entirely of press cards that together bring the various title media to life:

A bunch of headlines that would be nothing without the support of our readers: thank you.

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