Scientific breakthrough: robots can now smell

A research team from Tel Aviv University has created a revolutionary innovation in the field of robotics. They created a robot that can recognize ten different smells, making it the first robot in the world to do so. In addition, special cameras and microphones will appear later this year to challenge human vision and sound. They can even surpass human eyes and ears.

At the moment, the technology has improved a lot, mostly in recent years. But the human nose is not yet formed. It took millions of years to improve the receivers and make them perfect.

Moreover, living beings use these receptors to recognize odors. Scientists have been able to identify odors with the help of robots. And guess what? Nature has allowed scientists to create something new.

Robots: the future of odor detection

According to a recent study, a group of Israeli researchers have succeeded in making this innovation. Researchers from Tel Aviv University have created a robot. The robot can detect odors with 10,000 times more sensitivity than other electronic devices.

They define this product as a biohybrid platform. The platform has a set of antennas. Antennas use locusts and create an electrical signal when an odor is detected. This electronic system is connected with the locust. Thus, the device measures the amount of electrical signal.

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The researchers connected the robot with an algorithm. This allows the robots to illustrate the scent with an output signal. Said robot can easily distinguish between eight odors. In the future, the smell from robots could prove useful in many industries, especially in the oil and gas industry, where H2S claims lives every year.

These scents may include geranium, lemon, and marzipan. There are also two blends of other flavors. Scientists believe their machine can detect explosives and drugs. In addition, robots that detect odors may soon appear.

Tel Aviv University hosts the video on YouTube. The video claims that their novelty is a robot. It is also the first scientific development. However, a few years ago some researchers were talking about the same system. He uses the revised locust to detect cancer cells.

We can only hope for something incredibly useful for agricultural purposes. These new advances in the robotics industry will make life easier and will undoubtedly make the world a safer place to live.

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