Scientific news in ultrashort of January 17 – Sciences et Avenir

The scientific news of January 17, 2022 is:

Archéo: this billion-year-old algae is the oldest fossil bearing the marks of photosynthesis

  • This discovery constitutes the first in situ evidence of chlorophyll remnants in a multicellular organism.
  • It was done in the DRC, in the form of compressions of carbon in shale in the Congo Basin.
  • This is a fossil of a eukaryotic algae: this organism made up of cells with a nucleus is about 1.2 billion years old.

Health. Covid-19: the protection of the vaccine is more durable than previously thought

  • The rapid decline in antibodies observed six months after injection of an RNA vaccine and the decreased protection against infection seen at the end of this period raised concerns that the efficacy of the vaccines might quickly become insufficient.
  • Now a new study shows that despite this drop in antibody level, we remain very well protected against severe forms of the coronavirus for at least nine months.
  • It seems that T lymphocytes, immune cells, remain mobilized for a long time after vaccination and also protect us from the Omicron variant.

Animals: In Washington we are passionate about an arctic owl

  • A snowy owl, a bird of prey from the Arctic, has settled in Washington, the capital of the United States.
  • Their presence was reported by the eBird network, adding 290,000 amateur ornithologists.
  • The snowy owl nests in the summer in arctic areas of the polar circle, with most individuals migrating south for the winter.

Space: Space Anemia: The Consequences of Space Travel on the Red Blood Cells of Astronauts

  • A new study sheds light on anemia caused by space travel.
  • Anemia, which is characterized by an abnormally low level of hemoglobin in the blood, produces several symptoms: fatigue, general weakness, dizziness, and frequent shortness of breath.
  • According to this study, space anemia could have a significant impact on long-duration space missions, and anemia increases with time spent in space.

Health: In China, daily cases at their highest point for two years three weeks before the Olympics

  • The number of Covid-19 cases in China reached its highest level since March 2020 on Monday, January 17, 2022.
  • With less than three weeks to go before the Beijing Winter Olympics (February 4-20), authorities are on alert.
  • A Beijing health official told reporters that the virus was found in a letter received from Canada by the infected person.

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