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A new invention has just been released that will further modify and “make life easier for humans”:

It is the voice control of all our domestic devices and others. This already exists in laptops, in certain devices, orders over the internet… And 5G will also allow a strong expansion of connected and voice-controlled devices. Which means even less physical intervention to control everything.

In correlation, another fact appeared in the media in 2021: Our young fellow citizens have lost 25% of physical capacity compared to the post-war elderly. And the latter had certainly already lost in comparison with our ancestors and even more so with “the prehistoric human”.

With the rapid development of scientific technologies, what will become of the human being of tomorrow? Fortunately, some “cultivate” their physique in centers, clubs, associations and even alone to improve their physical condition, which allows them to preserve their health, decongest medical services, hospitals and even moderate social security and mutual accounts.

The research, to “improve the lives of humans”, reduce physical effort, facilitate their movements, began a long time ago with all the inventions, in particular new means of transport, new devices and then automatic controls…

The older ones remember everything they had to do to carry out their daily activities and even more so in the fields. Everything was done with hands and legs. Go to work on foot, draw water from the well, wash clothes at the water’s edge or in the sink, cultivate your garden by hand, collect all your firewood, load the stove or kitchen. All trades were manual. We turned the buttons to open and adjust the first TSF (radio equipment), the same for the television: you had to move to turn it on, change the channel, modify the sound,… it was normal.

The human being has always had ideas and inventions to gradually improve his life; This is the case of the arrival of carts, dump trucks, stagecoaches, wagons, rafts, then tractors, agricultural machinery, construction machinery. Then to travel; bicycles, motorcycles, cars, coaches, buses, trucks, trains, barges, ships, elevators, cable cars, elevators, Fenwick, cranes, forklifts and other robots, automatons, but also escalators, gantries, doors and shutters automatic lights, sensor of movement lighting, including laptops and phones that have completely transformed the way we live, etc.

Now we come to electric bicycles and scooters and other personal transport vehicles and also fully automatic driverless connected vehicles. The Internet has changed everyone’s life…

And it won’t stop there, but how far?

Amplified voice command will further change our lives. It infiltrates more and more in our private life. Beyond voice assistants, it is first and foremost the telephone, the headphones, the household equipment, even your hotel room and autonomous cars that already work thanks to this technology.

All connected devices are in the home or carried by their users. The volume of data they generate is therefore very large and perfectly reflects the family’s lifestyle since dawn. Warm atmospheres, cultural tastes, past purchases, centers of interest… nothing escapes them. The business profile of each family member is discreetly honed as the voice controlling the device leaves no “trace”. In fact, do you remember the requests that were made to you yesterday? In the past week ? Or since the purchase of this assistant? And what about the interactions of your children or their friends with this machine? The device doesn’t miss a single word and scrambles to analyze it to hone in on speech recognition technology and targeted advertising along the way.

The operation is so simple that the device is activated with the sound of a simple zipper! Apple Siri also fired up in the middle of Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson’s speech to MPs on Syria. The same assistant is also activated according to the Apple Watch. However, the accidental trigger rate of this connected watch is very high and it can record up to 30 seconds of sound. From business negotiations to sexual encounters, through illicit transactions and medical consultations, the subject of the recordings is identifiable in no time.

The reason given by manufacturers to justify these recordings is the improvement of voice recognition technology: “improve the quality of language” according to Amazon and Google. The companies specify that they allow the user to oppose certain uses of these recordings through an “opt-out” option (to do this, they must immerse themselves in the parameters of their device…). Apple, for its part, explained that the analysis refers to less than 1% of the requests and that it is done with guarantees: The data is anonymized (it cannot be linked to a client’s identifier) ​​and those responsible for the analysis have signed an agreement of confidentiality. Faced with the outcry caused by these revelations, the firm decided to introduce a consent option for users.

Google Home, Apple Siri, Amazon Echo and Xbox, makers of these AI-powered devices, effectively use outside companies to analyze requests. This is acceptable, but where it becomes very inconvenient is that employees can hear recordings of the voices of household members and visitors within earshot. Even away from home, it will be possible to be heard by third parties.

What will become of our intimacy, how far will progress go (without rebellion) without unbearably disrupting personal and collective life?

Although France has just adopted the safe deployment of 5G networks (“anti-Huawei” law), controversies are flourishing around voice assistants (not to mention your Xbox) turned into real “snitches”. Following the complainants, several media have thus revealed the scope of accidental recordings (not caused by the user) and especially the sending of all recordings to subcontractors whose employees listen to their most intimate.

The other criterion that is not invoked by any authority, any means…, this loss of physical activity with all the consequent inconveniences, evils and expenses.

Will all these technologies ultimately transform humans, despite themselves, into amorphous slaves?

NOTE; Under the principle of purpose limitation, these must meet three qualities. Be “determined” in advance, which means that collecting data for preventive purposes is prohibited. These purposes must be “explicit”, that is, communicated to the interested party (right to information) and, finally, be legitimate in relation to the activity of the data controller.

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