Scientists have just created a robot that can liquefy, like in Terminator 2?

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Memory. In 1991, Terminator 2: The Last One was released in theaters. This sci-fi film directed by James Cameron featured the legendary T-1000, that famous robot with an amazing feature: it liquefies to blend in with objects or overcome obstacles like prison gates, just like a scene from a feature film. If we thought such scientific prowess only existed in films, researchers at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have just confirmed in the January 25, 2023 issue of Matter that they have developed a robot that strongly resembles the T-1000. .

Is the T-1000 from Terminator 2 about to land in real life?

Made from gallium, a soft metal that melts at 29.76 degrees Celsius under normal pressure, this mini robot fits in the palm of your hand. Magnetic particles have also been integrated into the object to make it sensitive to an alternating magnetic field. They are also used to make the robot move and move as the magnetic field changes.

Of course, this new kind of robot isn’t meant for a prison break like in The Terminator, but rather for medical purposes. Thus, in the real world, it will be useful to squeeze into very tight spaces and therefore ideal for delivering a drug into the human body or targeting a foreign body. The researchers also tested a human stomach model and asked the robot to swallow a small object and remove it.

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