Scintil Photonics Raises Additional €5.5M For Its Photonic Circuits

Grenoble-based startup Scintil Photonics, which develops silicon-based photonic integrated circuits, announced on Tuesday 6 September that it has extended its €5.5M Series B funding round with the Applied Ventures ITIC Innovation Fund. It completes a €13.5 million fundraiser announced last June and led by the Bosch Group Corporate Venture Fund with its historic investors Innovacom, Supernova Invest and Bpifrance.

The purpose of this funding is to “expand supply sources worldwide and accelerate commercial deployment in the Americas and Asia Pacific” as well as mass production of its technologies.

“reckless” company

Scintil Photonics develops silicon photonic integrated circuits with lasers and optical amplifiers integrated into a single chip. They are used in particular in the data center, cloud computing and telecommunications industries, as well as for high performance computing. These are the components that manage connectivity between different servers and provide “ultra-high-speed communications through extensive parallelization and higher throughput, from 800Gbps to 3200Gbps,” according to the company.

The startup develops the technology and manufactures the chips in a multi-tenant silicon smelter. Based in Grenoble, it also has offices in Toronto, Canada. Applied Ventures ITIC Innovation Fund is a fund established by Applied Ventures, the venture capital firm of semiconductor equipment manufacturer Applied Materials, and ITIC-Taiwan, the venture arm of the Industrial Technology Research Institute, a research consortium based in Taiwan.

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