Scott Melker talks about trading strategy and price targets

Popular cryptocurrency personality Scott Melker spoke about his trading strategy, price targets, and five crypto projects he currently owns.

Known on Twitter as “The Wolf of All Streets”, Scott melker has become a crypto brand. The ex-DJ and now full-time crypto investor and trader was recently interviewed by Business Insider.

Melker has grown his crypto social media following to 400,000 people. Melker spoke about his background, calling himself an investor first: “Anyone who asks me, I say I’m an investor who trades.”

Melker described his investment strategy, reiterating that “people should have at least 60% to 70% of their assets in long-term investments and 15% in cash and 15% for trading”.

Crypto aficionado admits he hasn’t always been so bullish on crypto, insisting that people should never hold more than 10% of their net worth in crypto until the end of 2019 .

Portfolio strategy

Melker focuses on long-term key investments in the market. Mainly BTC and ETH. It then uses the gains from other crypto projects as part of the long-term investment, with little risk after taking in profits.

He then uses 15% of his portfolio to actively trade the markets. While owning 15% stable crypto coins that earn interest. Stable interest-bearing accounts are something Melker uses, calling the passive income approach “absolutely unbelievable.” For me, this is actually the biggest innovation in probably the crypto space in the last year to two years, ”he said.

Melker is a firm believer in long-term crypto ownership. The first buyers of promising projects will reap the rewards, he said. He explains that anyone who buys crypto over the past three years that has held up, “is now seeing the fruits of this work and you don’t need to do a lot of trading.”

Price targets

Melker also mentioned price targets for BTC and ETH. He believes ETH and BTC should be two core assets that investors should own. Furthermore, he predicts that ETH could reach $ 10,000, while BTC could reach $ 235,000.

“I think the ether easily goes to $ 10,000 in this cycle, and I think the ether could go a lot higher to be completely honest,” Melker said. “And I think bitcoin will go to $ 200,000, $ 230,000, $ 235,000.”

Promising projects

Melker also spoke about five crypto projects he currently has in his portfolio. Although most of them have already generated excellent returns for the investor, he still owns LINK, DOT, EGLD, UTK and POLS. All saw triple percentage gains for Melker.


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