Sea of ​​Thieves: PvP Returns in Season 8, New Faction and Allegiance Systems Featured in Video

Yo-ho, pirates, ready to return to the sea in Season 8 of Sea of ​​Thieves? After Season 7, which features customizable personal ships and captain voyages, Rare still has plenty of new features planned, which it brings us this week in a lengthy explanatory video.

The main innovation is the return of PvP on demand: a separate Arena mode is not being revived, but now it will be possible to launch battles from the open world. First, you will need to join a faction, Keepers of Fortune or Servants of the Flame, which will be selected with the Hourglass of Fate placed on our ship, which will make you both a hunter and the ability to start a fight with fast travel from the War Map. A chain of victories or the return of treasures will earn you Loyalty and rewards, and if you reach the maximum level, you will become the champion of the faction, marked on the map of all ships and become synonymous with great success for your opponents. And most importantly, by winning chain fights, you increase the value of your Hourglass of Fate, which can be exchanged for gold at the outpost, where you can also pause PvP before returning to protect one faction or another.

In addition, Season 8 will bring new alignments for captains, new trophies to unlock to decorate your ship, placeholders to unlock by reaching Loyalty level 100 with exclusive interactions and rewards, the ability to transform into a skeleton customizable for experienced Servants of the Flame. , emissary rewards, a new robbery pass and much more. It will be available November 22 on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. Sea of ​​Thieves is still included in Xbox Game Pass, which you can subscribe to in the Ultimate version for €12.99 per month.


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