Sea salt and paper review

It is always important to have a good board game on hand. It is for this reason that we are finding more and more portable versions of our favorite games. Players want to have a small game at the bottom of the bag that they can take with them for lunch with colleagues, friends or family. Sea salt and paper of exactly this format. But very often “mini” versions are planned until the more thirsty give out fake unbalanced games for two pennies (Colt Super Express I’m thinking of you). And Sea Salt & Paper, while using mechanics we’ve already seen in games like 7 Wonders, doesn’t skimp on potential difficulty. Is it too big for pocket size?

origami game or not

Sea Salt & Paper plays a lot of origami, every card has an image of this type. And yet the game has nothing to do with this art. This is not about folds or even about connecting pieces to form an image. No, in Sea Salt and Paper, you need to collect cards in order to either get the highest score (tie win) or perform actions that punish others and/or benefit you.

The game is played in two stages, the draw (randomly, with a choice of a card from the two drawn) or in discard piles. Because yes, it’s a double reset game. Then act if possible. The only possible action is to play face up a pair of cards of a certain type (fish, crab, shark and swimmer…). These cards are known actions and will allow players to rebuke and potentially repeat the action. Or steal a card from an opponent.

Purpose: points

Your goal is simple, it is to score as many points as possible, for this you will need to collect the second family of cards. The latter assign points according to the number (by type) that you will have at the end of the game (reminds you of a game???). Very often, the payoff is exponential and is increased by other types of cards, which makes the game longer and very dangerous for the players. And I’m not even talking about mermaids…

Because the big feature of Sea Salt & Paper is to let the player decide how the game ends. If you think you have 7 points, say “Stop” or “Last Chance”. “Stop” stops that game and points are tallied, “Last Chance” gives the opponents the opportunity to replay a round of the game to try to beat the “potential winner” at his own game. his bet, he receives bonus points for this game.

The goal is to get between 30 and 40 points depending on the number of players. To do this, we will redo as many details as necessary.

A mechanism that works but is difficult for players with little mathematical ability.

Sea Salt & Paper offers good, well balanced mechanics. Players will surely like it, on the other hand, due to its difficulty in scoring, it can make some players not want to restart the game, despite all its qualities. But honestly didn’t give up on it, for its low price it’s great and easy to deploy!

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