Seabed, new theaters of war

RESEARCH – The Navy is developing new capabilities to protect critical infrastructure such as submarine cables.

Submariners call it the “dark sea” as we refer to the dark web. The ocean has its secrets and anonymity even more than in the depths of the Internet. Almost anything is possible at the bottom of the water, provided you can spawn until then. Borders cannot be controlled. Global regulation is blind. However, the seabed is rich in minerals, gas and oil that can be exploited. It is also at the bottom of the chasm that literally contains the cables that support the world’s telecommunications networks. More than 95% of the data exchanged passes through it. It is logical that the armies of the great powers are interested in controlling these territories.

Recently, a new concept has entered the French strategic dictionary: “war on the seabed.” “Deep Sea War” originated inrenewal The strategic overview was published in January. It was not included in the analysis of problems in 2017. “The seabed becomes

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