Seasonal allergies and symptoms similar to COVID-19

It is not always easy to distinguish COVID-19 symptoms from seasonal allergies: sore throat, runny nose and fatigue, symptoms may be similar.

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Meeting on Friday morning at a screening clinic in Estrie, some people say it is difficult to tell the difference between them.

Moreover, many people are forced to get tested for COVID-19 at the request of their employers, even if the latter are sure that their symptoms are related to their allergies.

“I’m here today because I need to become negative if I want to go back to work. I have symptoms similar to COVID-19, but you should know that I have seasonal allergies. I still need a document with a negative result, ”said one of the people we met.

The phenomenon will probably continue to exist for some time to come. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the air pollen in Estrie is at a high level. Due to the early spring and dry weather this year, many have severe allergy symptoms.

“For me it started a few weeks ago. When I wake up in the morning and have the misfortune of falling asleep with the window open, I wake up overwhelmed, ”said an employee at Familiprix Pharmacy in Sherbrooke.

As a result, allergy pill shelves are often empty these days.

“This year we are selling more, I would say 40% more than in previous years. This is not necessarily because there are more cases than usual, first of all, people are more sensitive to symptoms similar to COVID, ”said Familiprix owner Mark-Denis Hubert.

If the medications in the tablets are not enough to treat the symptoms of your allergy, you should know that more effective medications can be obtained. However, a doctor’s prescription is required to obtain them.

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