SEC to Add New Crypto Asset Authority

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has announced the creation of a new Crypto Assets Authority that will be used to verify the documents of companies related to crypto assets.

The new office will focus on reviewing the crypto assets that companies report to them in their SEC filings. You can see more detailed information below.

The Securities and Exchange Commission today announced plans to add the Office of Crypto Assets and the Office of Industrial Applications and Services to the Corporate Finance Division’s Disclosure Review Program (DRP). DRP has long had offices to verify company documents by issuers. The two new offices will join seven existing offices that provide targeted analysis of issuer documents and are grouped by industry expertise to support the work of the Capital Promotion and Investor Protection Division. DRP expects the new offices to be set up later this fall.

“As a result of the recent growth in crypto assets and the life sciences industries, we have seen the need to provide more and more specialized support to the DRP Finance Office and its Life Sciences Authority,” said Renee Jones, division director. Finance Corporation. “Establishing these new offices will enable DRP to focus on crypto assets, financial institutions, life sciences, industrial applications and services and will make it easier for us to achieve our mission.”

You can learn more about the plans of the US Securities and Exchange Commission to monitor cryptocurrency assets at the link below.

SEC Source

Image credit: Art Rachen

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