Sectional radars will gradually disappear from circulation

Motorists have been warned. Regulars on the road are already accustomed to meeting them during their travels. Sectional radars used to calculate the speed of vehicles on sections of road will gradually disappear, according to, March 9, 2023. Currently, road services are replacing faulty radars of a different type: turrets. It would be too expensive to repair, so the authorities preferred to replace them with another, more modern device.

The replacement of the old sectional radars began in 2022. As a rule, new turret radars are installed in place of the entrance or exit posts of their predecessors. This is what has been decided in any case in Granada (Haute-Garonne), Offargy (Yvelines), Istres, Fos-sur-Mer or Sainte-Marie-de-la-Mer (Bouches-du-Rhone), indicates the radar- auto .com. On the other hand, at Essard-le-Roi, in Yvelines, it was decided to place a radar turret in the middle of a stretch of road.


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However, in a few years we should reconsider sectional radars. Indeed, the road authorities have not given up on the idea of ​​keeping this device. If the old ones are not replaced, a new generation may appear. Expected in 2020, it was ultimately not developed. In 2021, the traffic safety service launched a new request for information with the aim of creating a new medium-speed type radar system. However, it seems unlikely that it will appear before 2025.


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