Secularism: “Islamic veil” in the calendar of the Ministry of the Armed Forces for 2023?

Fake Off – according to the institution, this is an initiative that has not been approved by the hierarchy.

At a time when firefighters and postmen go door to door to sell their calendars, it seems like it’s time for ministries to share theirs too. And the opinion of the Ministry of the Armed Forces has not escaped the extreme right. Damien Rieu, member of Reconquête, shared an image of this calendar while commenting on “Islamic veil promotion in the Ministry of the Armed Forces calendar” on Twitter.

“How can a government that calls itself secular support this,” the surfer resents. But is this the calendar of the Ministry of the Armed Forces? 20 Minutes sums up.


After a controversy started by a far-right activist, the Ministry of the Armed Forces denounced the “false information”. The shared photo will be a “photomontage”. But with video support, the activist confirms his words: this calendar does exist, since, according to his sources, it was “distributed a few weeks ago in the office of the Commissioner of the Armed Forces.”

But the ministry backed down and deleted its post accusing Damien Rieu of spreading fake news. Explanation published in a series of tweets: “(…) More in 20 minutes

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