Security: Free antivirus outperforms Microsoft Defender

Protecting your computer is very important. However, users are increasingly turning to built-in protection tools, including Microsoft Defender in Windows. A solution that seems less and less beneficial, given that the Av-Comparatives website just reported that this solution is less effective than other free antiviruses.

With Windows 10 and Windows 11, PCs get the benefit of Microsoft Defender, a free antivirus that is regularly updated to provide long-term protection. However, AV-Comparatives just pointed out in a recent report that the US firm’s solution was less effective than other free antiviruses. An astonishing situation, given the antivirus’ first place in the site’s previous tests dating back to March 2022.

In detail, Microsoft Defender successfully blocks malware in 99%. However, the situation is made more difficult to detect false positives, i.e. applications and files erroneously identified as dangerous. Antivirus used to have 0 false positives compared to 2 false positives now. The competitors of this solution, AVG, Avast or Avira, are doing better than in previous tests.

Why is Microsoft Defender now working worse than before? All of this seems to be due to a small mistake on the part of Microsoft a few months prior. Indeed, the antivirus inadvertently identified the Office package as dangerous, that is, a false positive. The American firm responded quickly by issuing a hotfix to fix this problem. So Microsoft’s free solution still seems to be just as viable as it used to be, despite a few glitches that have been fixed.

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