Sega offers a series of video guides for Sonic Frontiers: Sonic Frontiers Speed ​​Strats.

Published November 11, 2022 at 4:13 pm.

To celebrate its release, Sonic Frontiers is entitled to a series of videos designed to help players through their adventures. The first one focuses on outdoor areas and what can be done there.

  • Tests. Players can take on various challenges to unlock new map pieces, instant routes, and rewards. Unlocking the map will help you find Guardians, Cyberspace Portals, Souvenir Tokens, and more! To find the task, look for the red circle marked with a question mark. Be careful, some challenges are only completed at night, they will be marked with a moon icon.
  • Loop Run – Loop Run can be used to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, create rings, or collect items to collect. Players can use Run-Loop around locations marked with a treasure chest icon. This gives them the ability to unlock many memory tokens, mechanics, Chaos units, and more. By drawing an infinity symbol with a light trail, Sonic will gain an unlimited speed bar for a short time! Players can also unlock Sonic’s power-up by collecting as many rings as possible.
  • Climbing Rail – Rails exposed during testing are also used for instantaneous movement. To jump off the rail, you must find the rail with a strong slope and activate Sonic’s turbo power to take shortcuts or reach high places easily. While climbing, it’s best to hold down the turbo and jump buttons.
  • Help Coco. When you find the lost Cocos, bring them to Dean Coco to increase your speed or your maximum number of rings. Through levels, you can unlock skills such as fast climbing, more hit points in combat, or the ability to continuously use a power boost without having to get the maximum number of rings. Bring Red Attack Seeds or Blue Defense Seeds to Coco the Hermit to receive useful combat buffs.
  • Vertical jump. For the first time, the vertical jump in Sonic Mania is done in 3D. The vertical jump is especially useful for climbing cliffs and cliffs, as the sudden burst of speed pushes you up. You can also use it to glide over hills with ease.
  • Meteor Shower – This special event occurs on a random night and revives enemies and objects in outdoor areas. At this time, a slot machine will appear, by collecting star fragments, Sonic can use this slot machine to have a chance to get purple coins used for fishing.
  • Instant Travel – In Big the Cat’s Fishing Game, players can catch scrolls from the Hermit and Elder Coconut, allowing them to instantly teleport to them from the Instant Travel map page. Fully unlocking the map will allow you to instantly move between cyberspace and fishing ground portals.

The game is currently being tested.

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