Sega officially removed the Yakuza trademark and replaced it with Like a Dragon.

Following the news that Like a Dragon: Ishin is coming to the West, Sega has confirmed that it will officially drop the Yakuza name from its fan-favorite RPG series.

This means that new upcoming games in the Yakuza series will be called “Like a Dragon” instead.

Like a dragon: Ishin! – Trailer.

The confirmation came from Sega, which confirmed to Kotaku that since the Like a Dragon brand is “more closely associated with the Japanese title,” it is officially removing the Yakuza name from every new game going forward.

Sega recently announced that the western release of the historical spin-off Yakuza Like a Dragon: Ishin, which has been “rebuilt from the ground up”, will hit PS4 and PS5 next February. It was recently confirmed that it will only feature Japanese dubs.

Like a Dragon: Ishin was originally released for PlayStation 3 and PS4 in Japan as Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! in 2014, bringing the chaotic yakuza formula to the late Edo period for a historical part of the samurai action. It follows protagonist Ryoma Sakamoto as he returns home to Tosa, where he is sentenced to execution after an encounter with a high-ranking samurai.

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