Seine-Maritime: Logame and Patate make the show on Youtube with their humorous videos

Patrick (right) and Logan launched their Youtube channel three years ago. (© Patate a Logame)

Logan, says Logame, is a resident of Had, in Seine-Maritime, passionate about cinema, video and football. Patrick, known as Patate, is a resident of Yvetot, in Seine-Maritime.

The two friends, aged 28 and 29, launched a channel three years ago Youtube, Potato in Logame.

The duo share humorous videos in very different genres.

Their channel is now followed by more than 1,000 subscribers.

“Two good friends having fun”

According to Patate, this Youtube channel is that of “two good friends having fun. The goal of our channel is to bring joy, laughter to people who watch our videos but above all to allow Logan and myself to have a good time together and later that will make us memories ”.

The videos are shot on rather varied themes.

Here is an example with a tasting of chocolate :

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Logan recounts “We started out on a gaming channel (video games) with quizzes as well. Little by little, we incorporated other types of videos such as tastings. We listen to our community a lot with which we talk a lot on social networks. On several occasions, they are the ones who told us when we were doing too many quizzes or not enough gaming, for example ”.

10 to 15 videos per shooting day

The videos are shot using a cell phone, which is used as a camera.

Filming usually takes place on Sundays, between once or twice a month. “We managed to shoot between 10 and 15 videos during the day. Our record is 20 ”.

They are based on the sense of improvisation of two Normans.

Our videos are totally improvised! We discuss it two minutes before shooting and the ideas come. The reason is simple, we want our videos to be authentic and we want to be as sincere as possible. We don’t want to play a role. We are the same in real life as we are on video.


Patate and Logame have no shortage of anecdotes to tell.

“During a Japanese biscuit tasting video… We forgot to turn on the microphone. We had to recommend the cookies and redo the video ”

They are especially delighted with the positive feedback and encouragement from their subscribers. Logan says: “One of our videos on the social network TikTok had 256,000 views with 20,000 likes, we still can’t believe it! ”

The Youtube channel is called Patate & Logame. The duo is also present on the main social networks.

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