Seizure of drugs and arrest of another drug trafficker

The Agen police cracked down on drug trafficking, mainly cannabis. Tongues loosened, the attacks were strong.

No holidays for dealing drugs, no days off for policemen who specialize in drug dealing of all kinds in Agen. The 35-year-old alleged trafficker was placed in pre-trial detention on Wednesday before being tried on August 19 for acquiring, possessing and supplying drugs. He is in a state of legal recidivism, he faces 20 years in prison.

He was the conductor of the cannabis herb and resin business in Agen, and on Friday the first false notes were heard. The transport company warns about the special taste of the parcel that needs to be delivered. It contains heads of cannabis plants, about 1 kg. The package must contain a sender and a recipient.

The postman was in cahoots

The recipient is a postal agent who was supposed to receive a package at home for a friend who lives in the same city west of Agen. Placed under police custody and interrogated, the postman does not deny his responsibility, informing others. The Agen police then proceed with another arrest and then a search. A good omen: 1.8 kg of resin and oil obtained from the same drug, diluted with olive oil, were confiscated from the suspect at home. Once again at the scene, they discover a dozen plants, but their investigation continues.

They interrogate the alleged dealer’s relatives to finally be told it’s in their best interest to take their car and head to Obiak, next door. In this town 10 km from Agen, hidden in the vegetation, the police discover about 200 cannabis plants, which confirms that the trade has nothing to do with the organized trade of production, processing and sale to local artisans.

The postman was sent on Wednesday. He has been released but is due to face alternative judicial action. His role in the case is smaller.

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