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Back on Kickstarter for the second time, the Benro Polaris engineers and design team have created the ultimate in smart, travel and professional camera tripods with the new Benro Theta range. Not only are the innovative camera tripods selfleveling, their modular design also makes it quick and easy to install or remove smart modules, adding additional tripod functionality when needed. For example, the ability to live stream or remotely control the camera using a smartphone application.

Benro Theta 2023 size comparison

Available in two different versions, Benro Theta launched this month via Kickstarter and has already raised almost $1 million thanks to over 1,700 supporters, with 37 days left in the campaign. For the new project, advance contributions are now available at a special price of approximately £349 to £288 (depending on current exchange rates).

Benro Theta camera tripod dimensions are fully enlarged

Selfleveling camera tripod

Ideal for streamers, photographers and videographers, Theta is equipped with selfalignment technology that makes it easy to adjust tripod orientation with the push of a button. Allows you to quickly make sure your camera is perfectly level when needed. Simply connect the battery module to the tripod and press the button to start the selfleveling process.

selfleveling camera tripod

The tripod has a builtin gyroscope motor that automatically aligns all three Theta tripod legs. Once the selfleveling mechanism is activated, the tripod will calculate how many tripod legs need to be adjusted at the same time to achieve horizontal orientation as quickly as possible. Just press the button on the battery module and step aside while the tripod automatically adjusts in just a few seconds. Eliminate the need to manually adjust anything or check levels. One fully charged battery module can selflevel the tripod up to 8000 times.

Benro Theta 2023 Tripod Adjustment

If Benro Theta’s crowdfunding campaign successfully raises the required target and project completion proceeds smoothly, worldwide shipments are expected to take place sometime in June 2023. below.

Features of Benro Theta Smart Camera Tripod

Unique quickrelease leg extension mechanism.

Designed for quick and easy set up, the Benro Theta tripod features a unique leg release mechanism that allows you to simply twist the end of each leg to extend it to your desired length, without having to fiddle with each joint individually like other tripods. . With a setup time of just 10 seconds, the unique design saves valuable time when trying to capture the perfect shot. If needed, the individual leg sections can also be adjusted to suit your needs.

Tripod settings for the Benro Theta camera

Carbon fiber construction

With lightweight tripod legs made from carbon fiber, the Benro Theta tripod is available in two versions. The smaller and more compact Theta can hold up to 11kg of camera equipment, while the Theta MAX can hold up to 20kg of camera equipment. The tripods have a maximum height of 155cm or 170cm respectively, and both have been specifically designed for use with a wide range of photography equipment, from mobile phones to telephoto lenses. For a more detailed comparison of the two different versions, check out the statistics below to make sure you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Specifications Benro Theta

Tripod ball head

Benro Theta quick release plate

The unique tripod mount head is compatible with Arca Swiss plates and Lbrackets, and mounting the camera takes just a few seconds with a unique snap and twist lock that securely holds the camera on the ball mount even with the largest lenses. . If required, the ball joint’s axis of rotation can be independently locked, allowing either free 360° rotation, or the ability to move horizontally or pan back and forth, allowing only pan and tilt if desired, and always keeping the camera level.

Benro Theta Camera Tripod Dimensions

Camera smart modules

Smart module Benro Theta 2023

Benro Polaris engineers have created four smart modules available during the Kickstarter campaign in the form of battery module, camera control module, optical matrix sensor module and GoLive module. As the name suggests, the GoLive module has been specifically designed to allow you to livestream directly from your camera to YouTube, Facebook or other providers using RTMP, RTSP and SDR. If you plan to use a tripod for live broadcasts, Benro Polaris recommends using two battery modules in combination with the GoLive module for optimal performance.

Benro Theta smart modules

When using the camera control module in conjunction with the Theta companion app, you can set up a tripod and control the camera remotely. View the camera viewfinder directly from the screen of your iOS or Android phone or tablet. Universal battery modules can also power your camera if needed, and the optical array sensor can be mounted directly on the camera’s flash mount, allowing the tripod to ensure the camera is perfectly level, not just the tripod legs if needed. For a complete overview of all the features, I highly recommend watching the Kickstarter campaign video embedded below, which will teach you everything you need to know about each individual module and how they can be used.

Tripod modules for Benro Theta camera

Compact travel tripod

The carbon fiber legs and compact tripod design make it ideal for travel: The Theta tripod weighs only 1.25kg and can fold up to 44cm. While Theta MAX folds up to 53cm in length and weighs just 1.65kg. All smart modules are IP65 waterproof certified, making them suitable for use in any environment.

Benro Theta camera tripod design

Tripod adjusting ring, locking mechanism and modular ports are made of 6061T6 aluminum. With the hub, center post adjustment knob, ball head base plate and quick release button also made of aluminum, the tripod is completely weatherproof and no components will rust. Each leg is equipped with an antislip, antivibration thermoplastic polyurethane mount to provide stability and safety in case of accidental shock to the tripod.

Travel tripod Benro Theta 2023

If you’re looking for a versatile, lightweight travel camera tripod packed with features, the new Theta definitely deserves a closer look. For a studio or professional tripod, Theta MAX provides extra height and strength, allowing equipment weighing up to 20kg to be mounted on a tripod. Both versions feature a unique swivel foot extension mechanism that allows you to complete setup in just a few seconds, and with auto selfleveling technology and modular smart components, you can set up the tripod to suit your photography and video needs.

Benro Theta tripod versions

For a complete list of all available promises, additional targets, additional media and detailed specifications of the SelfLeveling Smart Camera Tripod, visit the official Benro Theta Crowdfunding Campaign page by following the link below. BenroTheta is available on Kickstarter with the highest early bird discount of up to 43%.

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