Sendinblue, a digital marketing specialist, has an annual revenue of over 100 million euros.

According to a recent study by GP Bullhound, the SaaS sector is doing well. But in the face of uncertainty, time is still needed for profitability, not for hypergrowth, and this is in all sectors. Investors, who have long looked to valuations as a measure of success, are now turning to the criteria of profitability.

It is in this context that Sendinblue, a digital marketing specialist that offers SaaS platforms for customer relationship management, proudly announces that its regular turnover has exceeded 100 million euros, “continuing to grow at 60% per year, despite inflation and the threat of a crisis. “. recession”.

Thus, the company, which celebrated its tenth anniversary last year, is part of a limited club of 160 “centaurs” worldwide (this figure is estimated from the latest report from Bessemer Venture Partners).

Turnover increased tenfold in five years

Founded in 2012, the startup initially developed a simple bulk email tool. It has since acquired eight companies, including five in the past eighteen months: Chatra (chatbot), Metrilo (ecommerce analytics), PushOwl (push notifications), MeetFox (automated meeting management), and (telephony). ).

Thus, it has become a multi-channel CRM platform and expanded its service offering from email marketing (marketing automation, Whatsapp campaigns, SMS, etc.) to conversational tools (Facebook Messenger or Instagram live chat) through CRM and transactional emails (order confirmation, forgotten password, etc.). Sendinblue now has 500,000 customers and 700 people in offices located in Paris, Berlin, Toronto, Seattle, Sofia, Noida and Bangalore in India.

Parallel to these acquisitions, the startup has raised €180 million, including €140 million in October 2020. Between the Series A held in 2017 and today, its current turnover has increased tenfold, rising from 10 million to 100 million. euro for five years.

European DNA and a proposal tailored to SMEs

Faced with giants such as Salesforce, which have been on the market for much longer, the French company believes it has left the game thanks to its European DNA, important and valuable in the face of current sovereignty issues; but also thanks to an offer from 20 euros per month adapted for SMEs, allowing “democratization of access to technological tools for customer relationship management”.

Given the continued demand from customers for marketing and CRM tools to manage and grow their business, Sendinblue aims to repeat by increasing its turnover by 10 times by 2030 to reach 1 billion euros. “In 2021, the global CRM tool market was valued at more than $51.5 billion and we are confident that Sendinblue will continue to capture significant market share thanks to the efficiency and simplicity of our solution,” explains Armand Thieberg, Founder and CEO of Sendinblue. .

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