Sendinblue wants to grow its online merchant customer base

The French company specialized in digital marketing announced on Tuesday the acquisition of three startups for a total amount of 40 million euros. This operation will allow the expansion to complete its offer for e-merchants. After leading a major fundraising campaign in 2020, the company is taking a turn to conquer other international markets.

Online sales performed better during the pandemic and merchants accelerated their omnichannel strategy. Sendinblue wants to diversify the communication and marketing tools of its platform to help its 300,000 customers manage their customer relationship.

Armand Thiberge, CEO of Sendinblue, is enthusiastic about the “convergence of offline and online”, although he anticipates that “the level of growth of electronic commerce will be lower in the coming years”, compared to the ten “last eight months”, he told ZDNnet.

Metrilo, Chatra et Pushowl

Metrilo, Chatra and Pushowl thus fall into the hands of Sendinblue. The objective of these acquisitions is “to provide e-merchants with the most efficient and complete platform”, the group indicates in a press release. For Armand Thiberge, the goal is “to enrich the platform by adding new functionalities” so far non-existent in the CRM platform.

The Bulgarian startup Metrilo, founded in 2014, is a SaaS marketing analytics platform that offers an analytics solution for e-commerce. The Russian Chatra, created a year after Metrilo, provides a messaging platform for SMEs and, in particular, deploys a chatbot, which is of particular interest to Sendinblue, which has so far been equipped with a more basic chat tool. Finally, Indian startup Pushowl, founded in 2016, offers a push notification tool that helps websites track their performance and keep their visitors engaged.

Armand Thiberge points out that these three startups already have “a growing business”, and their technology will allow Sendinblue to take a step forward in its development, and particularly internationally and towards the United States where each of these companies is achieving “50 % of their Turnover They also offer integrations with Shopify, Woocommerce or Magento, emphasizes Armand Thiberge.

Very advanced triple integration

In its product roadmap, Sendinblue plans to offer SMEs an advanced analytics dashboard to know the ROI of each marketing campaign, a “growth assistant” or a customizable chatbot. Metrilo’s technology, for example, works a bit like “Google Analytics for e-merchants,” explains Armand Thiberge. Customers have the ability to configure marketing scenarios ”.

Sendinblue intends to maintain its freemium model, free for “limited use customers”. But “if customers use these functions, they will have to pay a surplus,” confirms Armand Thiberge, without further details of the schedule.

At this stage, the French company expects a turnover of 65 million euros by 2021, compared to 45 million euros in 2020. The integration of these three new technological bricks is already “very advanced”, points out Armand Thiberge, who expects a full integration “by the end of the year” or “early 2022”.

Note that email, Sendinblue’s historic activity, continues to perform well, as evidenced by Intuit’s recent $ 12 billion acquisition of Mailchimp. Asked about this operation, Armand Thiberge confirms that this is still a dynamic trend. This operation makes the French scale-up business, which from a business point of view, intends to continue innovating for the benefit of an international deployment.

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