Senegal: Actress Lena Gouille takes journalist to task

According to our colleagues at, Senegalese actress Lena Gouyet is suing Seneweb host Eva for spreading false news.

Lena Guille accuses the presenter of spreading false news about her, accusing her of undergoing cosmetic surgery that changed her morphology.

The famous actress Lena Guye, known for the unsuccessful operation, settles scores with the leading Eva in court.

The coordinator is currently at the Research Team premises to make the call.

On the program Sen people of Seneweb, host Eva raised the issue of actress Lena Guille, who set the canvas on fire with her metamorphosis. Commenting on the reaction of Internet users, the columnist highlighted the physical change of actress and top model Lena Guye, which occurred due to unsuccessful cosmetic surgery.

Also in her analysis, the presenter highlighted the fact that the actress refused to show her butt in her recent videos posted on social media. An attitude that aroused the curiosity of Internet users who did not miss it in the comments.

Apparently, the actress did not appreciate this exit of the presenter, which was picked up by several star media. According to her, Eva spread false news about her. She also refused to answer the host of Seneweb, who challenged him during the ceremony.

Even if the actress is talking about spreading fake news, images of Lena Guille circulating online show that the top model has a complete makeover.

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