Senegal equips floating LNG regasification plant

On June 22, 2021, Senegal’s national electricity company SENELEC announced that a Karmol floating storage and regasification plant has arrived in Senegal: it will supply natural gas to the Karpowership floating power plant, which has been operating since 2019 in Senegal waters.

Floating regasification plant arrives in Senegal waters

Senegal continues to be equipped with equipment for converting thermal power generation. The country wants to replace its overly polluting oil refineries with natural gas equivalents. To this end, the country commissioned a floating natural gas power plant in August 2019, which is faster and cheaper to install than a traditional onshore installation. It was provided by the Turkish Karpowership group, which specializes in this technology, which has already equipped eight African countries with floating gas installations.

The floating station in Senegal, with an initial capacity of 120 MW, has since been expanded to 235 MW. The generated electricity is then fed into a national grid operated by Senegal’s National Electricity Company (SENELEC) and provides about 15% of the country’s electricity needs.

On June 22, 2021, to complete this equipment, SENELEC announced that Karmol, a 2019 joint venture between Karpowership and Japan’s Mitsui OSK Lines, has delivered the first Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) from Senegal.

The equipment arrived in Senegal waters and was installed near a floating power plant. This FSRU allows you to take at sea liquefied natural gas (LNG), return it to a gaseous state and store it. It can then supply the floating power plant at Karpovership via a small gas pipeline.

An asset to develop offshore natural gas reserves and ensure the success of Senegal’s energy transition

The Karmol platform is 272 meters long and has a capacity of 125,470 cubic meters of gas. It was built by Sembcorp Marine in Singapore. “This project aims to provide reliable, affordable and clean energy”, commented on SENELEC. The first refueling of the LNG plant will be carried out by Shell in July 2021.

Senegal opened in 2019 several offshore oil and gas fields off its coast. Their operation should enable the production of LNG and supply directly to the Karmol regasification plant.

Senegal aspires to be a leader in the energy transition in West Africa. In addition to converting its power plants to gas, Senegal has set itself the goal of: 20% of renewable energy sources in its electricity mix.

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