Senegalese tabaski: the fear of an expansion of the Covid-19

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With more than 20% of the country’s population and three quarters of cases of coronavirus contamination, the health situation in Dakar is worrying. Especially on this weekend in Tabaski where many Dakar residents left the capital to celebrate the sheep festival with their families across the country.

With our correspondent in Dakar, Manon Laplace

At a time when the country has crossed the threshold of 10,000 contaminations – including more than 7,000 patients identified since the start of the epidemic in Dakar and its suburbs – the health authorities fear an acceleration of the spread of Covid-19 linked displacement of populations across the country.

They would indeed be tens of thousands each year to take the road to celebrate the Tabaski with family. And most of them are from the Senegalese capital, the country’s main focus of Covid-19.

President Macky Sall called for caution and respect for barrier gestures in presenting his wishes; the Minister of Health Abdoulaye Diouf Sarr for his part strongly recommended that the Senegalese stay put. ” Tabaski must not be an occasion for the spread and dispersion of the pandemic in the country He warned. However, Dakar was largely deserted this weekend in favor of the regions.

Banned since March, travel between regions has been authorized again since June 4. On the side of the Ministry of Health, it is announced that we are preparing for an epidemic rebound within fourteen days and an increase in community contaminations, these cases whose origin of the contagion is not traceable.

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