Sephora slyly advertises its customers’ data –

The California Attorney General’s office recently announced that Sephora is being accused of violating the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act), the California equivalent of the GDPR. However, the French multinational received a notice of compliance before the case went to trial.

Facts attributed to Sephora

According to documents filed with the California Supreme Court, Sephora allegedly provided to third partiesincluding ad networks and data analytics providers, access to their customers’ online activities in exchange for advertising or analytics services “.

This would allow these third parties to create consumer profiles by analyzing their shopping habits based on their location. The provisions of the CCPA state that California consumers reserve the right to opt out of the sale of any personal information. given to the retailer.

A regulation that Sephora clearly violated. Cosmetic giant indeed did not collect or obtain the consent of its customers before fromuse their personal data. And this is for targeted advertising campaigns.

The company was fined $1.2 million

At the end of the trial, Sephora fined $1.2 million.. The company agrees to pay. While this stance may warrant condemnation, the company claims to respect the privacy of its consumers.

His representative says: The company ” respects consumer privacy and strive to be transparent about how their personal information is used to enhance their Sephora experience. He adds, “Sephora uses the data exclusively for Sephora.”

In addition to the fine Sephora also needs to be more transparent with its privacy policy.. In particular, the company must make it clear that it sells users’ personal data to third parties for promotional purposes.

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