Sequantis analyzes activity reports with AI


Nicolas Fournier, CEO of Sequantis LT, appreciates the considerable time savings.

Specialized in the production of regulatory financial reports, Sequantis LT uses Recital to analyze documents more quickly.

AdvertisingRegulators, particularly in the financial and insurance fields, have increasingly stringent and precise requirements. In 2019, the Bank of England imposed a stress test on English insurers requiring them to measure their resistance to climate change, recalls Nicolas Fournier, CEO of Sequantis LT. This company specializes in the production of regulatory financial reports (Solvency2, PRIIPS, etc.) and in ESG-investment climate management, intended for institutional investors and asset managers. Its basis of work is constituted in the first place by the corporate reports of companies. The brutal demand of the Bank of England was the starting point for the use of artificial intelligence to accelerate its work. In this case, Sequantis LT has chosen the technology offered by Recital.

This technology saves time in analyzing available documentation (eg annual reports). The platform implemented makes it possible to extract the relevant information from the documentation available according to the questions asked. The artificial intelligence will then reproduce the relevant passages in the submitted documentation. Nicolas Fournier is delighted: the idea is to ensure that a 500-page document can be read in 30 minutes when it would have taken half a day in normal times. Recital’s AI makes it possible in a way to structure non-structured information to speed up the analysis work and especially the creation of the reports required by the regulators.

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