Seven Amazing Facts About Famous Fifa Football Video Game

Choosing the right team, making perfect passes, using the right tactics and scoring goals is great, but do you know the history of the franchise? Fifa ? To learn more about this license and to be able to tell you a little about it during your next visios, we have unearthed seven anecdotes about the successful football video game.

1 – A first title without year “

Every game Fifa bears the name of the following year it was released on console since 1994 and its Fifa Soccer 95. But did you know that the very first title in the franchise didn’t mention any years? Released on December 15, 1993, the game was simply called Fifa International Soccer. It was only possible to play with the national teams, of which there are 78. No real player is named and there was only one stadium.

The very first Fifa released in the 90s © EA Sports

2 – A place among the greatest

Franchise Fifa is one of the most lucrative in video games. It is placed in fifth position of the most sold in history. In total, 325 million copies have been sold across the world since 1993. If Fifa finds himself in front GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and its 320 million copies, it remains behind by Mario, Tetris, Call of Duty and Pokemon.

fifa photo among the best-selling franchises! © ea sports

Fifa among the best-selling franchises! © EA Sports

3 – Fifa 64

No the deductible did not leap into the future with his title Fifa 64. It is actually a version released exclusively for the Nintendo 64, in March 1997. The Nintendo console used to display the number “64” on many of its games, and Fifa has not escaped the rule. This version was similar to the one released a few months earlier, in 1996, on PC, Playstation, Game Boy, Mega Drive or SNES.

photo an exclusive fifa for the nintendo console. © ea sports

An exclusive Fifa for the Nintendo console. © EA Sports

4 – Four Messi for the price of one

Of FIFA 13 at Fifa 16, Lionel Messi fans were able to appreciate the presence of their favorite player on the global covers of the game. The FC Barcelona striker with the seven Golden Balls has established himself as one of the best players of his generation and Fifa could not miss such an opportunity. To sell the game to as many football fans as possible, Messi’s face was therefore used for four games.

photo messi, the fifa man. © ea sports

Messi, the man of Fifa. © EA Sports

5 – When some professional footballers complain

In each game, the footballers you can play all have personalized characteristics with regard to technique or their endurance for example. Statistics that do not please all players, as explained during the release of Fifa 16, Matthew Prior, Creative Director of the Series: “We’re going to meet some of the Everton players in a moment and the great thing is that they almost all play our game. But one of the fun things is when I get them to play our game. meet, they’ll say, “Oh, my stats aren’t good enough in the game, I’m faster” or “I’m better at shooting”. It is something common.

photo of fifa stats deemed too low ... by the players themselves. © ea sports

Fifa stats deemed too low … by the players themselves. © EA Sports

6 – 1995, the year everything changed

Fifa 96 was a huge turning point for the franchise. The third opus, released at the end of 1995, was the first to integrate 3D graphics, in particular for the PlayStation, the Sega Saturn and on the PC. But it is also and above all the first time that Fifa offered the real names of the players and their real positions on the pitch, with the possibility of making transfers and procuring the best footballers of the time.

3d photo and real names for fifa. © ea sports

3D and real names for Fifa. © EA Sports

7 – strange club names

Buying a license comes at a price and competes with the other big game of football PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) is tough. Each year the football simulation is forced to give false names to certain reputable teams. In version 21, this is notably the case of Juventus and AS Roma who are called Piemonte FC and Roma FC.

Some clubs or countries sign partnerships with a brand and therefore cannot officially appear in competing games. In 2019, for example, Juventus entered into an exclusive agreement with PES (Pro evolution soccer).

photo are you more juventus or fc piémonte? © ea sports

Are you more Juventus or FC Piedmont? © EA Sports


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