Sexual Pleasure: Cannabis May Improve Orgasms


  • In 2020, cannabis became the most consumed illegal product in France. Almost half of adults (46%) have already used it.
  • Cannabis is most often smoked mixed with tobacco. Used as an herb (61% of cases) or less commonly as a resin (37% of cases).

What is the effect of cannabis on sexual functioning and satisfaction? This question is asked by researchers from the universities of East Carolina and North Carolina (USA). To answer this question, they decided to conduct a study published in the Journal of Cannabis Research.

The team asked 811 people aged 18 to 85 about their cannabis habits and sex life. Most of the volunteers were women, 80% had higher education. Nearly 25% of adults identified as LGBTQIA+ and 73% of participants said they were in a monogamous relationship.

Cannabis: touch and taste are enhanced after use

More than half of the volunteers used cannabis daily and used it before sex. More than 70% of the adults surveyed reported higher libido and more intense orgasms, according to the authors. Participants who reported masturbation also reported that cannabis increased their desire and sharpened two senses: taste and touch.

The role of thinking in cannabis smokers

Scientists believe that sexual pleasure is increased tenfold due to the psychoactive effect of THC, the main active molecule in cannabis. “These results may be related to the state of mind that cannabis users are in, thinking that cannabis has aphrodisiac properties that increase pleasure rather than a true physiological effect. (…) However, the relaxing effect of cannabis can increase desire. and reducing inhibitions, which can increase sexual activity and satisfaction,” the team explained.

Cannabis use is not safe for our health

Although cannabis can be beneficial for our sex life, we must remember that its consumption can have negative effects on our health. “Some risks, such as sleep disturbances or heart problems, are not well known,” says Health Insurance. Cannabis smoking can also cause mental problems and impair cognitive function, including memory.

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