Seychelles: a translation application that will soon integrate Creole

A Seychellois has launched a new messaging and translation application which is expected to integrate soon the Creole language of Seychelles optional. The application, called ” Know What I Mean ” or KWIM in short, can translate up to 60 languages and is available for download for iPhone and Android users.

Neil Gonthier, 26, said he got the idea while studying in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. “Students of different languages ​​had difficulty communicating and I wanted to solve this problem. During the pandemic I took a break and returned to Seychelles and that’s when I finalized the app. “

Gonthier, who has already patented his application, said: “I even used KWIM to talk to my teacher who speaks Swahili and he received messages in his language. KWIM has even started translating some Seychellois Creole too, the AI ​​(artificial intelligence) is smart and it can adapt and learn. “

He said he was working on adding the Creole language of Seychelles, an archipelago in the western Indian Ocean, as one of the app’s options. The language would be added in a more complete form later.


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