Shadow wants to enter the B2B market with its PC in the Cloud offering.

Shadow’s ambition is always the same: “to break down technological barriers and make computing power and high-performance software available to everyone,” co-founder Stefan Elio said during a conference call on Wednesday, November 23.

“It is no coincidence that we welcome you today, a few days before Black Friday,” Sebastien Kaiser, Director of Strategy and Development, told those present. And add: “Don’t buy a new PC, keep the one you have and upgrade it with Shadow.”

But the company, whose technology allows you to access the power of a high-performance computer from any device, now intends to enter the B2B market. “We will offer CPU resources on demand,” he announced, promising “a predictable price and no invoice surprises.”

New tool

So on Wednesday, Shadow unveiled its new pro offering: Shadow Business Solutions. Offered at prices ranging from €59 to €139 per month, depending on signed configurations, this solution will offer a new Shadow Business Manager tool that allows a company’s IT department to manage shadow virtual machines that benefit the customer. According to Sebastian Kaiser, the first version will be available in the next five versions, and new features such as access control and backup are already under development.

However, this is not the first time Shadow has provided its technology to the company, according to Wouter Van Vugt, who is in charge of communications at Bandai Namco, whose game Elden Ring was able to take advantage of Shadow. solutions for its dissemination to journalists. “When we’re trying to get our games into the hands of journalists before they’re released, it’s very difficult,” he explained. In this way, Shadow would allow the latter to share an uncompromising video game experience, no matter where they are or what equipment they have at their disposal.

The company is already claiming “dozens” of professional clients and may even enter schools and universities. “We know that students and universities are struggling with outdated equipment. Our solution provides flexibility, power and storage across all devices already deployed,” said Sebastian Kaiser, reporting on “discussions” with the Île-de-France region on the matter.

Partner of choice

The press conference was also an opportunity to celebrate the “great success” of the company, which has just completed the migration of its servers to OVHcloud’s data centers. This allows Shadow to have a presence in both Europe and North America and stand up to its worst “enemy,” the “latent one,” explained Eric Sel, its CEO.

The cloud gaming startup, then called Blade, was acquired by OVHcloud in April 2021 after it was placed under management. Octave Klaba, founder of the French champion, now chairs the Shadow board of directors.

A takeover that the company is now happy with, which thus benefits from OVHcloud’s environmental commitment and measures taken to reduce the impact of its infrastructure, such as water-cooling its servers and cyclical reuse of its equipment.

International ambitions

“We want to create a sovereign European leader in cloud-based collaboration services,” emphasized the Shadow boss, and not just “enrich the PC.” As such, the company continues to expand internationally and has announced the rollout of its services in Spain from December 7th. Thus, the country joins the USA, Canada, France, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, Italy, Sweden and Denmark.

“This is just the beginning of our journey,” said Eric Sele, while the company, which now has a turnover of “20 million”, is working on a new video conferencing, chat, and for this the company also intends to join forces with other European players, such as a partnership with Nextcloud, a German storage solutions publisher, to develop the new Shadow Drive product, now available in Europe.

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