Shadow Warrior 3 trailer unveils its explosive arsenal

Shadow Warrior 3 still doesn’t have a specific release date, but that’s not why it’s stingy with information and pictures. The creation of Devolver Digital and Flying Wild Hog returns once again to the fore with a new trailer to give us a little tour of the owner of his explosive arsenal.

It’s the turn of the Shadow Warrior 3 armory to show itself in detail. The Shadow Warrior saga is particularly known for offering players weapons as crazy as they are varied and with the third opus, it seems that we are starting on the same path. Just two weeks ago, the game gave us a quick glimpse of what the Double Trouble minigun could achieve, today the title focuses on the Crimson Bull, the Outlaw and the Sidekicks. The first weapon is a kind of grenade launcher which, when upgraded, can pursue its targets. The second is a revolver capable of firing bursts at a high rate of fire or even sending ammunition doing fire damage or even explosive damage. The third and final Killer Tool is an SMG duo who, with a few upgrades, can immobilize their victims by electrifying them.

Through Jeromejoffard, Writing


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