Shavinigan: a tree in memory of the victims of COVID-19 | Coronavirus

On Thursday, the city of Chavinigan planted a commemorative tree in the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Park in the Grand Mer in memory of the victims of COVID-19. A gesture not to forget, in particular, the 44 residents who died in CHSLD Laflèche.

The ceremony was attended by about twenty people, including the mayor of Chavinigan, Michel Angers, and elected municipal officials. They lifted the first shovel with the symbolic earth and then planted a tree – a red American oak.

There is also a memorial plaque on the territory. It contains a tribute to the victims of COVID-19 and a poem by Gilles Vignot.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Amélie Desmarais

A plaque is also on the site. You can read the poem lyrics by Gilles Vignot.

It is important for us to meet here in the Gran Mer sector, in the immediate vicinity of the CHSLD. [Laflèche]to plant a tree first, which will be symbolic, which will represent all those who sadly lost their lives – emphasized today the mayor of Chavinigan, Michel Angers.

First of all, Michel Angers wants to turn this place into a gathering place, especially for people who lost loved ones during the pandemic.

When we lose a loved one, we remember him for a long time. […] We needed people to be able to meet in a specific and specific place for meditation.

Quote from:Michel Angers, Mayor of Chavinigan

Relatives are touched by the gesture

Pierrette Langlois Gelinas lost one of her sisters in April 2020, at the very beginning of the pandemic, and it was difficult for her to survive this departure, given the strong bond that united the family.

Me and one of my sisters, we often went to her, and then we could not see her before she died. It was terrible she said excitedly.

Ms. Langlois Gelinas and her sisters are moved by the actions of the Shavinigan authorities.

I’ll come back here and then when the plate is down and that’s it, I’ll take a picture – she admitted.

With information from Amelie Desmare.

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