She-Hulk (Disney+): Funny video reveals the main benefit of being the Hulk –

Marvel just shared first passage next She-Hulk: Lawyer series coming to Disney+ streaming platform August 17, 2022.

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“Being the Hulk requires balance”

In these new images Bruce Banner – aka the Hulk – gives advice to his cousin, who is already doing quite well with her new powers. This is definitely the first part of the series.

  • Watch the new clip from the series (you can turn on subtitles through the player):

After a short yoga session, then falling into the void… Hulk explains to his cousin that she will now be the chosen target. For her part, Jennifer is rather worried about her career as a lawyer, which she intends to pursue despite the change in size.

The clip ends with a hint of humor, Hulk explains this with his super metabolism, they are more resistant to alcohol and therefore can enjoy many cocktails… without the hangover that comes with it.

TV Series She-Hulk: Legal Questions 9 episodes which will be broadcast weekly, from August 17 on Disney+.

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