She-Hulk (Disney+): New clip shows the heroine gaining her powers –

A few weeks before the release, Marvel unveiled a video from She-Hulk: Lawyer, which is being released on the Disney+ streaming platform. next August 17. This two-minute short film shows how Jennifer Walters restore his cousin’s strength Bruce Bannerhe is the Hulk.

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A story other than comics

While the comics are aboutblood transfusionactress Tatiana Maslany — who stars in the series — explains that this adaptation is a simple twist of fate. We see her transform within seconds after coming into contact with the Hulk’s blood duringcar accident.

  • Watch the short film “She-Hulk”:

This change should not affect the rest of the story. This no doubt takes into account the evolution of the Hulk character in the MCU, who has grown into adulthood and may have refused to give his cousin a blood transfusion due to the possible repercussions.

Either way, She-Hulk is going to be one of the most powerful characters in the saga, especially since she seems to have better control over her powers than Banner. For example, in the previous trailer, we see her surpass her cousin in several areas to the point where she no longer needs his help to adapt to her new body.

business meeting, meeting August 17 on Disney+ to discover the She-Hulk: Lawyer series.

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