She was denied a second dose of the vaccine.

A month and a half after refusing a second dose of COVID-19 vaccine in an industrial building in Trois-Rivieres, in Maurice, a woman is still awaiting an appointment at the CIUSSS-MQC.

Germaine Cagle suffers from epilepsy. During her first dose, on April 14, she started having seizures less than a minute after getting the vaccine, according to her husband, Jocelyn Bino. The doctors were contacted, but there was a general panic at the vaccination site, Mr Bino said.

He explains that about twenty minutes later, an ambulance took his wife to the hospital, which would have caused anxiety among the nurses on the spot. When she woke up, Ms. Cagle was reportedly told that her seizure was not vaccine-related.

The couple then got ahead of the meeting with a second dose on June 14th. Arriving at the vaccination station, the nurse would immediately refuse the vaccine.

“They recognized my wife and said, ‘No, no, we don’t give it to you here.’ We will arrange this for you in the hospital, in a safe place, ”Jocelyn Bino explained to TVA Nouvelles.

According to Germaine Cagle, the first time around, employees would have been too scared of his reaction. Since then, the couple was unable to prescribe a second dose for the wife, who went to the CIUSSS in their area.

“Everyone is throwing the ball. I have many nurses who call and transfer me to CIUSSS. CIUSSS calls me back and transfers me to the nurses, and there he does not move, ”complained Mr. Bino.

The hospital reportedly explained to the couple that transporting the doses of Pfizer (the vaccine Ms. Keigle must receive) is very difficult. CIUSSS confirms that the Pfizer vial contains six doses, all of which should be administered within a short time.

“I even jokingly said: I’ll take it, I’ll bring my neighbors. Four neighbors will be five, with my wife there will be six, and if we win, we will share a million, ”said the man.

Despite the bad experience on April 14, Ms. Keigl is very keen to receive a full immunization. “I want her my second dose!” Of course, of course, of course! I’m sure I’ll be nervous, but I want her the same because you have to make her stop it, ”she said.

The couple are concerned that COVID-19 cases appear to be on the rise in Morisi lately. The lady wants to be able to leave her home without fear of getting sick.

For its part, the CIUSSS MCQ confirms that the file is under evaluation and that the spouse should be contacted shortly with instructions to follow.

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