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I’m not telling you anything, games are often sold in multiple increments, in “standard”, “deluxe”, “ultimate” versions, sometimes they even come out almost 15 years later in the “Turbo HD Remix” version.” Frankly Speaking of which, we don’t really care, and while sometimes it’s the team’s first game, so there hasn’t really been any feedback, and it’s obvious that fans of the “pre” hours are rushing towards the deluxe digitized versions. although they fatten publishers more than anything else.But hey, let’s not judge, knowing that everyone has already caught one of these versions at least once in their lives.I even plead guilty at this point on a personal basis in order to remain intellectually honest.

On the other hand, it tickles us a little when we amputate content that should have been in the base game in order to add it to the full version. So the “Digital Deluxe Edition” of The Callisto Protocol sold for 20 euros more than the standard “Day One Edition”, is no more “theft” than for another game, it allows you to have a Season Pass, in addition to which are usually more often present in the final versions. You’ll have access to a future expansion that we don’t know anything about as usual, and a bunch of digital crap like extra armor and sets. But upon closer inspection, we read that “the Contagion pack also includes thirteen new Jacob death animations” as well as an additional difficulty mode, and that “the Riot pack also includes twelve new enemy death animations.”

In general, these kind of packs are available for the main campaign, and if I’m not mistaken, this would mean that Striking Distance Studios and / or Krafton would have made their big break(s) and removed 25 simple animations that should have been present in the base version, as well as an additional difficulty mode to tax them with a new form of video game tax. If the developer or publisher gives us new details, I will not fail to update the news. Meanwhile, in this aspect it is clearly shameful, I believe that even the largest publishers who sell their games in the form of sets have never dared to do this. This is probably the first paid single-player game, and we hope without much faith that it will be the last.

[MAJ] A: As expected, as soon as something new appears, so I’m doing an update. As Glen Schofield put it on Twitter:

“To be clear, we’re not hiding anything from the main game for the Season Pass. We haven’t even started working on this content yet. These are all new things we will be working on in the new year. Fans are asking for MORE kills, so we’re making it a priority for next year. »

Is it damage control or are Striking Distance Studios really going to make 25 new death animations? This is unverifiable, especially since this controversial content is in two packs where other bonuses will be unlocked at the release of the game. In fact, his reaction raises even more questions. Why not create a package dedicated to these animations, indicating that they “will be performed” during the year 2023? What about an additional difficulty mode, which is also included in one of the two packs? He doesn’t even talk about it. I think he’s just laughing at us.

We will also take the opportunity to announce the game, which will be released in less than ten days, especially to pay tribute to the small hands that have cost blood, sweat and tears to develop. Literally. The game has been Gold for a month now and even confirms the presence of a performance mode that allows you to play at 60 FPS on Next-Gen consoles. Japan’s video game rating body, the Computer Entertainment Rating Organization (CERO), asked developer Striking Distance Studios to censor part of the game, which filed a disclaimer with support from its publisher Krafton. Out of artistic integrity or out of a matter of time? In any case, they justified it by saying they didn’t want to change the experience of the video game, so the game would skip the Nippon archipelago.

We also had the right to several published previews of the game, which confirms that The Callisto Protocol is indeed a spiritual continuation of the Dead Space saga. It’s a little normal, the unscrupulous boss of Striking Distance Studios is, recall, Glen Schofield, who was also the creator and executive producer of the very first Dead Space. Next comes the mention of constant tension, beautiful graphics, good soundtrack, etc. But, as usual, the conditions of the preview never coincide with the conditions of the tests. We recommend that you read a few before the release, French and English, he does not eat bread.

Callisto Protocol is scheduled for December 2, 2022, still on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

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