Shiny Hunters, a group of French pirates being pursued by the FBI.

Several members were arrested, including one, Sebastian Raul, who is now in a Moroccan prison. He faces extradition to the US.

For the Shiny Hunters, a group of hackers who have been flooding the Dark Web with stolen data since 2020, the game is probably over. According to court documents recovered by Le Monde, the FBI would have been able to identify three members of this cybercriminal gang and begin pursuing them. Surprise: they are French.

One of the suspected hackers is Sebastien Rouault, aka “Sesio”, a 21-year-old student arrested in Morocco on May 31 at Rabat-Sale airport. He lived in the kingdom for several months. He intended to board a flight to Belgium, but was arrested due to an Interpol Red Notice issued by the United States. The latter made an extradition request in order to be able to try this former Epithec Nancy, who, according to L’Obs, is now languishing in a cell in the Tiflet 2 prison along with seven other people.

Prison term up to 116 years

According to Le Monde, the other two members pursued by the FBI detectives were Abdel-Hakim E. and Gabriel B. The latter uses the moniker “Kuroy’sh” and his identity would actually be Gabriel Bildstein. He is a 23-year-old hacker from Tarbes who was arrested in April 2018 by French law enforcement for hacking the Vevo channel and the YouTube website. explains that they contacted Mr. Bildstein about Shiny Hunters. The police reportedly recently arrested him and interrogated him about the Shiny Hunters before releasing him again. The young man claims that he is not involved in this case.

For his part, Sebastian Raul is trying at all costs to avoid extradition to the United States, where he could be sentenced to prison for up to 116 years. That’s why his father and lawyer want him to be tried in France. It must be said that the Shiny Hunters did not leave with dead hands. According to the FBI indictment, these hackers pumped data from more than 60 companies, including the GitHub development site, the Pixlr photo editor, and the Bonobos clothing store. The damage will amount to millions of dollars, and even tens of millions of dollars, according to the analysis of Intel471.

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