Shooting robots will become a reality in San Francisco –

Updated November 30: San Francisco City Board of Supervisors. adopted a policy of equipping law enforcement with 8 votes to 3. Thus, the police of the city of San Francisco will be able to use armed robots in certain situations.

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Science fiction warned us: the world of tomorrow will be robotic, and some machines will be armed…

As part of a new project “Law Enforcement Equipment Policy”The San Francisco Police Department has requested permission from the City Supervisory Board to use robots to eliminate certain suspects.

San Francisco police hope to arm their robots

Aaron Dan Peskin, dean and chief executive of San Francisco, initially decided to regulate the use of robots, stating that they should not be “used as a means of using force against a person,” but things quickly changed.

The police department simply crossed out this statement and stated that “armed robots will only be used as an option when the risk of death of members of the public or officers is imminent and outweighs any other available solution.” The Committee passed this version unanimously, and a vote has now been set. it’s November 29th to make this change.

For his part, Aaron Peskin said he was convinced by the SFPD that “there may be scenarios where deploying such a strong force is the only option,” adding that in any case, current legislation does not define whether or not there will be robots. can use deadly force.

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