Shopify, Prestashop: The Logistics Battle for Ecommerce Platforms Has Begun

After two exceptional years marked by Covid, which has revolutionized consumer online shopping behavior, logistics has established itself as an important link in the value chain for platforms offering e-commerce site building solutions. They were faced by Amazon, the unrivaled master of even faster and more optimized delivery.

While France’s Prestashop was acquired last November by Italian shipping solutions group MBE Worldwide, Canadian rival Shopify announced on May 5 that it had acquired Deliverr, a California-based startup specializing in shipping for the e-commerce sector. The amount provided by Shopify is $2.1 billion in cash and stock.

Storage next to orders

This is the platform’s largest acquisition since a $450 million investment in 6 River Systems in 2019, a developer of warehouse automation software and logistics robots. Shopify will launch a new shipping service in the United States in a day or two and will offer its electronics shoppers new options for managing inventory and returns.

Deliverr was founded in 2017. The startup rents warehouses and sorting centers, provides storage, as well as order preparation and delivery of products. It uses predictive analytics and machine learning technologies to predict the geography of orders and store products as close to potential buyers as possible.

Priority when hiring in Prestashop

Shopify’s 2021 turnover was $4.6 billion, up 57%, and revenue was $2.9 billion. The volume of business corresponding to the amount of orders placed on the platforms of the platform amounted to $175 billion (+47% yoy). The platform generates nearly three-quarters of its revenue in North America.

Prestashop, present mainly in Europe and Latin America, business volume amounted to 24 billion. euro in 2021 (+9%) and a 40% increase in turnover. The platform plans to double its workforce in 2022, from 200 to 400 employees who will be able to work from anywhere in the world six months a year. He recently launched new split payment features with Oney and PayPlug, and partnered with PayPal for a multi-currency payment module.

Financial services, along with logistics solutions, are an important growth lever for these platforms. Over half of the transactions that go through Shopify now go through its payment modules.

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