Shopify wants to attract developers to its long-term vision for e-commerce

Shopify, which has 1.7 million merchants in 175 countries, announced on Tuesday, at its annual conference, a significant drop in the commission rate on its App Store and Theme Store, from 20% to 0% up to the first million dollars in sales. The company also plans to make significant investments in its infrastructure and improve its payment system for online merchants.

The Canadian e-commerce publishing and hosting company posted record performances in 2020, due to the global pandemic and the closure of physical stores. Shopify, which celebrated its 15th anniversary, has been established in France since 2018, hunting on the lands of competitors such as Prestashop, Magento, BigCommerce and others. Last year, the number of online store creations increased by 61% in France, compared to 2019, and the total amount of transactions increased by 119% from one year to the next, specifies Emilie. Benoit-Vernay, Country Manager France of Shopify, at .

“2020 is the year of discovery of omnichannel for merchants who used a physical sales channel,” comments Emilie Benoit-Vernay, indicating that the platform welcomes certain traditional retail players, such as Le Tanneur and Kookaï, and specialized brands, such as Decathlon, which has chosen Shopify to create its second-hand store.

“The future of commerce must be done with developers”

According to Emilie Benoit-Vernay, “the future of commerce must be done with developers”. Shopify has announced that it will reduce its commission on app development revenue to 0% for the first $ 1 million an app developer makes annually on its platform, and to 15% thereafter.

It is an opportunity that is given to developers to start and grow their activities, underlines Emilie Benoit-Vernay. “By canceling the 20% commission on the first million in turnover of an application developer, we are reinjecting this income in the hands of developers to allow them to always offer more customization solutions, more flexibility for the merchant store, and therefore a better experience for merchants and consumers. “

Shopify claims 6,000 apps on its App Store and has built a network of 42,000 partners. “The Shopify partner ecosystem is really key to the business infrastructure that Shopify offers. This ecosystem generated 12.5 billion dollars in turnover in 2020, which was an increase of 84% compared to 2019, ”notes Emilie Benoit-Vernay. “The future of commerce, innovation and creativity, and all that tomorrow’s commerce will be, can only be done with the talent of developers all over the world,” she said.

Online Store 2.0

Shopify also announced Tuesday night the creation of its Online Store 2.0, designed for developers to help merchants reach new levels of flexibility and customization. Netflix was one of the first customers to access Online Store 2.0, using the platform to create Netflix.Shop, the very first e-commerce store for Netflix.

New features specific to the 2.0 online store include a new editing experience, which aims to make storefront creation by merchants more efficient, and theme app extensions that aim to facilitate extension and management. applications in themes.

As for Shopify Checkout, the company says its payment service is now twice as fast and able to process seven times the volume of the previous version. Shopify also launched Checkout Extensions, which allows developers to integrate apps with Shopify Checkout. Each e-shop will be able to manage as much sales volume as that reached on Shopify at the height of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday 2020, or “tens of thousands of payments per minute”, argues the company in a press release. .

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