Shortly after Elon Musk’s acquisition, Twitter embarks on a massive layoff plan.

Published: 11.04.2022 – 06:03

The big wash will begin on the social network Twitter. A week after its acquisition by Elon Musk, layoffs are due to begin this Friday, November 4th. And there should be a lot of them.

With our correspondent in Washington, Guillaume Naudin

All day this Friday, November 4th, there will be no one on the Twitter premises in San Francisco, California. Employees were asked to stay at home while waiting for the axe. The network’s 7,500 employees were informed by email that the difficult downsizing process is starting today.

The announcement clarifies that this is necessary to ensure the success of the company’s forward movement. Those who avoid being fired will receive a message to their internal address. For others, it will be a home address.

All interested sectors

The report did not specify how many people will lose their jobs, but the Washington Post, after announcing 75% layoffs a few days ago, finally believes that half of the employees will be fired. All sectors are involved: engineering, security, sales, marketing and legal department.

The new boss intends to physically return to the office those whom he decided to leave. This is not very surprising, since a few months ago, Elon Musk told the employees of Tesla, his company that builds electric vehicles, that remote work was over. At the time of his capture, on the night of October 27/28, the richest man in the world declared that the bird was “liberated”. It was to pluck it better.

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