Should AI learning be modeled on children?

There are more and more virtual assistants who can answer questions. Chat AI can be found online for free. However, it is enough to start an exchange with them to see the limitations. They do not make sense, which sometimes makes it difficult to exchange. According to Jean-Christophe Bailey, an AI researcher, the question of semiotics can potentially be learned through algorithms, but with a similar approach to language learning in children.

Indeed, if most scientists tried to give artificial intelligence an adult mind, then Alan Turing already in 1950 proposed the idea of ​​​​creating an AI with a child’s mind. This can develop and become more mature with the right curriculum. For example, the question of language is interesting. Developmental psychology has shown that children learn terms by experimenting with the physical and social world around them. By exchanging, he acquires the meanings of colors, objects, and even intangible concepts.

This can be repeated with AI. Many researchers are trying to do this with robots, but this is a big investment with the risk of mechanical damage. So an alternative solution could be virtual reality, where the algorithm learns by manipulating elements and gradually gains meaning.

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