Should I buy crypto at price after market downturn? Invezz

The CRO / USD token has followed the recent market as even Bitcoin has fallen below the $ 30,000 mark, but is still continuing its mission of massive DeFi adoption.

While the cryptocurrency token itself has seen its value drop by 7% in the past 24 hours, it could still hold its value for the long term, and this could be the perfect time for many crypto investors. currency to buy the token. .

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On July 7, UFC and announced a landmark partnership, in which became the first official partner of the UFC crypto platform, as well as its first official global battle kit partner.

This will lead to increased demand for the CRO token, as many UFC fans will finally have the chance to find out what cryptocurrencies are, and will be the perfect entry point for many of them.

On July 20, announced the launch of Cronos,’s EVM channel with its new testnet, offering smart contracts, instant DApp portability, and a $ 100 million fund to support developers based on Cronos.

This will also trigger increased interest in the CRO token, and with increased demand, the price may rise.

Should you buy (CRO)?

On July 20, the CRO was worth $ 0.099.

Although it is far from its lowest point, it is still in an affordable price range that may attract the attention of many investors.

To put that in perspective, in June, it saw its highest value on June 3 at $ 0.135, while it saw its lowest value on June 22 at $ 0.084.

The CRO token experienced its highest value ever on February 22 at a value of $ 0.277.

All of this gives us a glimpse of how high the token’s upside potential is, as well as how low it has been in its recent history.

With that out of the way, CRO is at its recent low and as such could be a worthwhile buy, especially with its collaboration with the UFC and the launch of Cronos.

This will generate interest in the CRO token, and with that interest we will see higher demand, higher circulating supply, and as such a higher value of the token.

In fact, by the end of July, the CRO token has the potential to reach a value of $ 0.200, which could make it one of the best buys you can make.

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