Should we extend the scope of social security funding laws to unemployment insurance?

On Tuesday, September 28, 2021, the senators approved in a public session the first article of the organic law proposal related to the social security financing laws presented to the National Assembly on June 4, 2021. Among the measures voted, MPs opted to adopt an amendment (COM-6), which aims to extend the scope of the Social Security Financing Acts (LFSS) to unemployment insurance.

This position, at the initiative of the rapporteur of the text Jean-Marie Vanlerenberghe, is based on the argument according to which the substantial part of the Generalized Social Contribution (CSG) that contributes to the financing of Unemployment Insurance implies its integration into the LFSS in para allow control by parliamentary representation.

As a reminder, in 2017, the Social Security financing law enacted an increase in the CSG, applicable as of January 1, 2018, offset, for employees, by abolishing sickness and unemployment contributions.

For Senator Vanlerenberghe “Today, without the support of the State through the CSG, [de l’assurance chômage] it is not viable […]. It is legitimate for Parliament to control the use of public money. An opinion that is not shared by the Government and by the Secretary of State in charge of Children and the Family, Adrien Taquet, who recalled during the public examination of the text: “The unemployment insurance scheme is subject to joint management. […] This could only be done in the context of in-depth discussions with the social partners, but those discussions have not yet concluded. To which the speaker replies: “It should be noted that we have come out of a strict parity. Why ? Because there is significant tax financing with more than 14,000 million euros in CSG, or 40% of the income of the scheme. “

In addition, the senator recalled the “rule of law” enjoyed by the Government in the management of the unemployment insurance regime since 2018. Indeed, within the framework of the law for the freedom to choose your professional future, published in the Magazine Officially dated September 6, 2018, the Government can now supervise the negotiations on unemployment insurance.

If the senator is aware that this amendment “may not comply with the agreement of the deputies during the mixed partisan commission,” he nevertheless hopes that this text will be the subject of debate.

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